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of Mammoth Lakes

We are a 13 year old custom milling and woodworking business in the Eastern Sierra region of California. We specialize in high quality, wide-plank lumber from our old growth indigenous species of Red and White Fir, Jeffrey, Lodgepole and White Pine.

We select our logs from the local firewood company who get them from either hazard tree removal in the town or fuel wood sales in the Inyo National Forest.

Our logs are not from timber harvests.

Please call for more information or an appointment to see our flooring in homes and businesses in Mammoth or e-mail drakewood@hotmail.com. We look forward to providing a unique product.

Vane Art by Drake Wood Milling of Mammoth Lakes - Know which way the wind blows with Vane Art from Drake Wood Milling.
visit VaneArt.net by Drake Wood Milling

Mammoth Lakes, California 93546

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